Rent To Own Houses – A Unique Home Ownership Plan

Image of rent to own houses prospects“A unique home ownership plan for those who just do not fit into the Mortgage Company’s rigid qualifying structure.  You deserve to own a home and Jump Start can help make it happen.”

The Road to Home Ownership

Jump Start’s strategy is to help you help yourself.  It is a simple plan that both you and we are working within to make your desires of a home for you and your family a reality.

Together we find the right home that fits your budget.  We strive to find the right house in the right neighbourhood at the right price.

Then the Building Inspector and Appraiser tell us the truth and answer our questions.  There are a lot of questions.  Too many to address here.  The main headings are price, quality and condition.  When the jobs are done, you know precisely that this is the home for you and we will know that your future is safe and secure with our help.

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 What Jump Start Does For You

“We provide guidance throughout the plan.”

  1. We buy your house for you.
  2. You live in the house throughout the plan.
  3. You buy your home from us when you have reached your plan goals.
  4. You know your financial plan and the price of your home.
  5. You can qualify for huge bonuses to help with your down payment.

Who can qualify for the Jump Start Program

Our clients come from many segments of the community.  We help people who have experienced bankruptcy, discharged bankruptcy or financial despair.  If you are new to Canada, self -employed, have bad credit or no credit we can tailor a plan for you too. If you simply can’t save enough money for a down payment this is a good option for you.  We tailor a plan for your down payment and you live in the house you are going to buy.  You need to have steady employment.  Debts are always a major issue with Banks and Mortgage Companies.  A good credit rating can be built.  If you work within our plan, we assure you it will happen.

Click below to learn more information about the different segments that qualify for this program.  If you don’t fit into one of these segments not to worry, contact our office and we will see if we can help.


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